Tuesday 16 September 2008

A lapsed blogger

I've done it, I've become of of those terrible breed, a lapsed blogger. Okay I admit there is much going on at the moment but if I can't take the time to write 20 minutes of thoughts down a day then I suck, I'll be stopping making cups of tea next & then where will we be?! Right enough of that on to the good stuff. First a knitting/spinning update. My spinning wheel still hasn't arrived but I have begun sourcing for bits of fleece ready for its arrival which hopefully hopefully should be within the next day or two. I'm hoping that Trish might be able to take me to pick it up as I don't rate my chances stumbling down Abingdon high street with a gigantic box (I had enough trouble with Suzi's leaving present (her last day is tomorrow (sob)), I can't reveal any more at the mo as I think she reads this blog, but I will update you at a future point.

Right onto he aforementioned knitting. The knitting group is going from strength to strength, Scarlett has just emailed me with two lapsed knitters who want to join us and as well as having our Thursday lunchtime knit we are looking into having two weekend workshops, one devoted to knitting in the round (which a lot of people seem to be quite scared of) and another on crotchet, (nuff said). The really fantastic news (and news that I absolutely still can't quite believe) is that the knitting group are to feature in a knitting magazine!!!!! One of my former colleagues left to work for a cross stitch magazine but has just secured a job working for a knitting magazine (its called Knit Today). She wants to do a full article (with pictures, eek) about the group. She sent a big list of stuff she wants to know & the knitters have been sent off to think about why they started knitting, why they like the group, what they like knitting, etc (“Being a part of this group has taught me a relaxing and practical hobby and helped me get to know the people I work with and now my life has meaning”, etc). I feel a bit strange about this bit, I mean it was my idea to start the group and obviously I had no idea it would do this well. I've had some really emotional testimonials already, stuff about the group being really important & helping people through really tough patches, its just really weird to think all of this came from some really random idea that I had, and also its like now I know that the group means so much to people its almost like there is a certain amount of pressure (nice pressure, but pressure all the same) to keep up the momentum.

Anyway enough of that, I'm freaking myself out, and I must get a few words about he who shall not be named. First off Friday's game, he scored twice in a controlled, oh that's so going in the net, cool and aloof manner. This was very attractive and his goal celebrations were nice & restrained, high fives with the rest of the team but no 'I am a golden god' type gloating, unlike some other people I know... Yesterday I had to approach him in work context (crumbs), as his boss is off ill, he tried to help he really did, but alas could not. Yesterday night I went home in a state of aggrrhhh what to do, I like him so much but I work with him and I don't want to have to leave my job or anything, but equally I'm not sure even if he did like me he'd do anything. Advice someone? Please? Anyway I have a day at least to think about it as he too is now off ill. Awww poor boy.

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