Thursday 18 September 2008

Going green for the day

So today was green day at my lovely work. Everyone had to make a really big effort to save energy, wear green & support good causes. Some people walked to work & others cycled. I managed to be persuaded (mostly by my sporty friend Beth) to cycle from Abingdon (which is 4 miles away). We set off from Abingdon town centre at 8.10 this morning. My bike (Sven) it has to be said is not the fastest thing on two wheels (he only has 3 gears and is quite old) but we managed to make it to work despite my friend Phil's observation 2 minutes before we left 'oh look Vikki's got a flat tyre' yeah thanks for pointing that out Phil. Grrr.

Anyway, work had a bike doctor in for the day so Sven was referred to him. Unfortunately my 'appointment' was scheduled for lunchtime when I should have been with the knitters. I managed to organise other people to take down the stuff and took Sven to see the good doctor. The guy was running a bit late so asked if I could leave Sven with him & he'd look at him in a bit & give me a ring when he'd finished. So I gave him my desk no & said that I wouldn't be there for the next hour 'cause I was with the knitters. The guy got really interested & said (if you are not sitting down at this point I would advise you to do so), 'oh wow, I've always wanted to learn how to knit'. Well you could have knocked me down with a feather. Cue totally impromptu knitting lesson with Bikey man covered in oil. Anyway finally got to the knitters (we gained three new ones, woooo) & it has been decided that we are having a wool buying/drinking social sometime in October & the bike Dr might even come along too!

Most excellent day. Yesterday was quite sad as it was Suzi's last day in the office. She was thrilled with her leaving present which was two bowls with designs from the Hermitage on them(you can get them on etsy from Phenix pottery & there is also a link from the websire here . Unfortunately one of them broke in half in the post (I could quite literally kill the Royal mail at times) but hopefully we will be able to get a replacement. So now the only difficult part of today left is going to be getting back home tonight & then dragging myself out the house again to get to Morris. I've got a pretty early get up tomorrow morning for the funeral & I'm staying with Mum & Dad for the weekend so I predict that by Monday I will be completely & utterly exhausted. That however should not matter as Monday is incidentally pay day and I have a special treat reserved on etsy... Anyway enough of that for now & more in due course. Have a good weekend my lovelies.

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