Friday 8 August 2008


It really is a wonderful thing. I had to stay behind at work yesterday as one of my friends was coming round for coffee but she didn't finish till 5, so I had a bit of time to surf. There is so much stuff out there. My favourite place at the moment is Etsy which I was put onto a a possible place to sell some of my stuff (a lot of the stuff on there at the moment is American, so it seems like the perfect time to get started before everyone else in the UK catches on :-). Instead of merely researching however I got drawn into purchasing a painting of a fox with a cup of tea (obviously when the chickens arrive foxes become public enemy number one but at the moment I just think they are fab). Checked out this website recommended by Suzi and checked up on the progress of one of my favourite alternative type bands the Ralfe band (new album out in September, winter doesn't seem too bad after all).

Knitting yesterday lunchtime was a great success we had two new people join the group and they are really getting into it. I'm going to be sat on the train for quite a while (2hrs tonight) so I thought I might take my skinny scarf with me and maybe get it finished. I'm also taking my new book 'A world without bees' so it should be quite an enjoyable journey. My mum and Kip are coming back down to Oxford with me to celebrate my birthday on Monday. The chicken people have yet to get back to me about going to visit but I'm going to give them one last try today. Apparently the black & red Arucanas are so rare you can't get them outside of America (if I can't get a spinning wheel imported I doubt very much I can smuggle poultry across the border :-).

Should do some serious gardening when I get back, we are being slowly invaded by baby spider plants and the pumpkins are tumbling over into next doors garden (might have to go and retrieve them, although the bottom of the garden looks particularly magical at the moment and next door the other way have got a fairy ring :-). The next update to this will hopefully be Wednesday when I'm back to work (we are looking at getting the Internet at home but at the moment the priority is making the sun room water tight and setting up a little workspace in the shed). Hope you all have a good weekend.

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