Wednesday 13 August 2008

Back to earth till tomorrow

I had the most wonderful birthday I could have imagined, everything was great and all is now right with the world. As planned we went to see the chickens, and a new plan has now been hatched (pun half intended). The lady who keeps the Aracanas said that we need to hatch the eggs ourselves as only 4 out of every batch of 12 will be girls. The breeders only now deal in eggs as they do not want to be stuck with 8 male birds. The question is readers would I be able to find 8 male birds homes and if not would I be able to bring myself to do what was necessary? I somehow think after seeing them hatched, not. But the plan in the short term is to get some ex-battery hens and then review the situation. We got given a blue egg to take home and this has just strengthened my resolve to have Aracanas although the breeder had lots of lovely birds, red leghorns which were huge and came up to my knees and black silkies who looked a bit mad...

After that we went onto stroud for a coffee and cake (stopping off at uncle Julian's for a cup of tea on the way, sadly he wasn't there but we got all the news from Hege) and then to Cirencester for lunch and a spot of shopping. Most of my presents this year seemed to have a chicken/bee/craft theme. I got a fabulous egg cabinet which looks like a house to keep my eggs in, a chicken egg cup and matching bowl to have breakfast with, a very pretty stained glass bee from Kip, a kit to make biodegradable plant pots and a massive lavender bush. To add to the excitement my Duotone CD showed up (its brilliant but Kip seemed to think it was a bit morbid (such is the nature of the cello I guess)). On Sunday night Kip & I actually managed to make it down to the half moon on Sunday evening to take part in the session (I never usually go because its on a Sunday night and I've got work on the Monday, and it scares me a bit), the musicians got free beer and the tunes got faster & faster (I was really suprised that I could keep up), it was great fun and I may well take a Monday off in the next couple of months so I can go.

Finally more music news, this weekend is the festival Beautiful Days which is taking place somewhere in Devon (don't ask me where, I'm not driving), my favourite band of all time Idlewild will be playing as well as old favourites the Levellers, but the best bits are the things round the outside like the tiny tea tent (it is exactly what it says it is), the Bimble Inn (tent magically transported from the 60's with cups made from corn starch) and the amazing pussy parlure which is a big Bedouin tent which has a disco till the wee early hours. Last year the weather was terrible so Auntie Sandy & I danced the night away in there and it was awesome! Hopefully will have found my charger by them so can post some photos but at the moment I'm just really excited!

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