Friday 1 August 2008

The horror, the horror

The title of this post is a quote from Joseph Conrad's heart of darkness was adopted as a bit of a catchphrase in my uni days for anything that goes wrong. In this instance the horror referred to is men, I think, this time in general, although certain individuals will get special recognition (I realise this very little to do with the kind of stuff I usually talk about on this blog but everyone needs a rant sometimes, and there is no time like the present).

I sent a chaser email out yesterday to everyone who hadn't replied to the original one, as expected, I got a lot of replies apologising for not getting back to me etc, in fact every single person on that email got back to me bar one (have a guess). Oh yes, it would see that writing an email is a good deal too much trouble for 1 male. Well I give up. He has always been very nice to me and has a very good reputation for being, well nice, yet he didn't even have the basic good manners to reply! I was, I confess, a little upset and shall be making no more overture of friendship or anything else in future. Maybe my standards are too high but all I want is someone nice, who I get on with, who likes me back and is not tempted to go bounding off after the next girl he sees (I seem to have had a rash of these type of late who think its perfectly acceptable to 'keep their options open' when they are going out with you, which is just wrong!)

I think sleeping beauty had it right on this one, do a bit of spinning, go to sleep for a bit and when you wake up prince charming is there at your bedside. (Incidentally I have been looking more & more seriously at spinning wheels over the past few months). Its a pity sometimes that life does not reflect the fairy tales :-).

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