Thursday 31 July 2008

Fiddle sticks

I PASSED I PASSED I PASSED I PASSED, hmph I meant I passed quite as I expected to, he he not at all, my faith in the ABRSM board goes down but I'm really glad they let me slip through the net :-) Robin however believes that time should not be wasted celebrating and has started me on the scales for the next grade up already, I've also got a CD with the pieces on to pick out the ones I think I want to play (oh dear what have a I done, these sound really hard!) and I've def got to sort out extra theory lessons, eek!

The weather here is changing again with this morning being overcast and dull (I wish it would rain then I wouldn't have to water the veggies tonight which is taking me about an hour a night at the moment). The barometer by the front door is being famously non committal about it all and instead proclaiming 'change', which is very unhelpful, particularly as I would like to know what is happening at the weekend for my intended BBQ (the boy in question still hasn't replied despite my email clearly stating that I would like a reply, grrr) I'm sending a chaser email today in a last saloon style, will he reply? I doubt it but these are the kind of cliffhangers that make this blog worth reading (I hope). (by the way interesting side fact if you don't reply to emails you are technically know as a dingleberry, strong words indeed!)

Gradually I am working my way through the office teaching everyone to knit, I taught my ex boyfriend while I was with him (although men who knit have been in very short supply since). Suzi who sits next to me was the first to feel the force of my desire to teach the 2nd floor and seem to have come down with a particularly strong strain of 'I want to knit it itus' which is obviously most excellent. Rachel who sits opposite me is now the next person to learn and in just 10 Min's she has mastered the basics (still needs to work a bit in her tension but hey don't we all :-). One day this publishing company will be through (I got in to another we are not being taken over email, which probably means the opposite) and then we'll go into textiles I tells you! And take over the world!!!!!

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