Monday 21 July 2008

Results just in...or not

So I trudged to violin last night despite the fact that I was still quite tired from the weekends activeness (and because of the busy week work wise I couldn't go in my usual Wednesday slot) only to find the results that Robin was sure would have been uploaded on Friday have not arrived. Not even a sniff. This is now quite frustrating as I don't feel I can get excited about the next grade up (nevermind gripped with horror at the extra amounts of practice and hard work I will have to put in) until I know I've passed this one. (I'm really not sure, bits of it were okay, other bits were horrendous). But there is nothing I can do to quicken them up, so I guess I'm going to have to stay on tenterhooks till next Wednesday, unless Robin calls before then.

This coming weekend Nichy my friend from university (and co founder of the carrot cake appreciation society, a society with literary aims which ended up being a cake fest) is coming to stay. I'm going to let her choose which attractions to visit on the Saturday (I will be highly recommending the Bodian as I've lived here two years and still never been inside) and I'm hoping on the Sunday she won't mind helping me come & scope out possible chicken housing and maybe go to the farm that the bees are on to pick some of their strawberries or raspberries (I won't be going to see the bees this weekend as Virginia is taking her niece along and Nichy is quite a nervous individual (nervousness and bees definitely do not go together well)).

We tried growing strawberries for the first time this year and I have to say they were a bit of a dead loss. I think it was because the weather was very hot one minute and then really wet the next. We've only had 1 plant out of the 3 survive and its leaves are all scorched (having said that my fig tree is going much the same way but I was told this was lack of water, and we are going to try it in a bigger pot to see if that makes a difference). The french beans on the other hand have been (no pun intended) a revelation, we have had three lots off them already and they are still coming. Also in that corner of the garden the pumpkins have taken over and there now appears to be a couple of little orange orbs. I've got my fingers crossed for a proper Halloween pumpkin this year but we shall see.

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