Wednesday 23 July 2008

Coffee and nerves

Today is the day of my big meeting in London, I have to say I'm more nervous than I expected to be on such an occasion. We received a list of the people that we are going to be presenting in front of and I've met them all at least once (plus the editors for this journal are really lovely), but its the chance that something I don't know the answer to may come up. That's what I don't like the thought of. The coffee I think its fair to say is keeping me awake and trying to steady my nerves....

Rapper last night was really good. I went straight round to Julie's after work and we went out to dinner to the bear at home which is just down the road from where we practice. After taking our fill of good food & ale we headed off to practice. I didn't think I'd be doing much as the team are dancing out for several weeks now and wanted to practice the dances in the positions they will be in. But I ended up doing loads of Bobbitt's and quite a few figures of Kaleidoscope as well. Julie was watching me as she also dances as a number four (you get assigned numbers depending on which position you start in and these dictate which way you turn, your placement in figures, etc) she told me that I was really starting to look like a rapper dancer now & that I definitely shouldn't give up (the other dancers in the side are all a fair bit older than me and I tend to get picked up on the tiniest thing, which gets a bit disheartening sometimes).

Right really should get back to work as I only have half a day to do a heck of a lot, will let you know how the meeting went tomorrow.

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