Thursday, 12 July 2012

Orts and Fragments - an inspiration!

(N.B the image on the top of this post is not one of Marlowe's pieces for those please see Orts & Fragments, this is stained glass made out of photos, clever isn't it? )
Regular readers of this blog will know that as well as writing here I'm a keen follower of other peoples blogs, particularly those of an arts & crafts persuasion (I find it really interesting to see what other people are working on). Imagine my delight then when following a link from another blog (Needled - knitting, patterns and wonderful Scotland) to stumble across Orts and Fragments, a beautiful blog written by the multi talented Marlowe which mainly (but by no means exclusively) features her many beautiful glass pieces. Drawn in by the fantastic finished results I found myself curious about how these pieces came about: were there sketched ideas first? Did the colours of glass themselves suggest ideas? How much the glass dictated the design and what Marlowe's workspace looked like (I'm on the verge of sharing mine, just need to Tidy a bit first :-). So I plucked up courage and finally asked my burning questions in a comment on a post. And you'll never guess what? Awesome lady that she is she dedicated a post to her creative process! You can read the finished blog entry here. All I can say is wow, I am still very much in awe of not just the finished pieces but the fact that the glass just seems to flow without sketches or mood boards, amazing. However this may not be the end of the glassy journey for me, spurred on my the beautiful-ness of glass and the fact that I've never worked with any type of glass I had a look locally for a taster session/short course and found this wonderful place. Its about 7 miles from my workplace and they offer a fantastic array of courses in stone and glass, including a 2 day taster in stained glass in October! I was talking to mum about it and she has very kindly agreed to pay for my attendance at said course for my birthday! I'm really excited at the prospect of finally getting my hands on some glass so thank you Marlowe for intriguing me with your own creations!

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marlowe said...

Hi, Vikki.
I'm so sorry that I did not see this post right away -- it only took a year!!
I'm not very good at updating my blog (and I certainly don't know how to keep track of who is looking at it -- clearly), but I deeply appreciate your words and encouragement!


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