Sunday, 22 July 2012

Blanket safely received

You may remember some time ago I was trying to finish a blanket for my friends John & Claudine (or more accurately their new arrival Emmaline). John used to be my violin tutor, until he met, fell in love with (awww) and moved to Quebec to be with Claudine (I've never met the lady in question but I believe she is smashing). Anyway I FINALLY got the blanket finished and put it in the post. I waited, I waited some more. I began to think something truly awful had happened (pirates had found the blankets and put it to use scrubbing the limpety huls of their ships?). However this morning I got confirmation the blanket had got their safely.

"Many, many thanks for the superb, very stylish and luxuriously soft masterpiece!!!

As you can see Emmaline is thrilled and so are we!!!!!!!"

That's all you can ask really, and awesomely they sent some pics of Emmaline enjoying her new blankie. Makes it all worthwhile


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