Tuesday 13 January 2009

Cream crackered

So here I am signing in after my first 'jog' (I use the word lightly here, really it was more like sprint of 2009) I am, as the title suggests, absolutely shattered, and I will take this as further proof that I should have done quite a bit more sport than I actually managed at Christmas. Nevermind I'm paying for it now. Tonight I've got a guy from work coming to look at our spare room. I don't think he will take it as we are still in possession of a retro bathroom (toothpaste green anyone? With matching Stilton effect titles? Thought not) but you never know. I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that Mel's wedding is happening this year and that she is actually moving out. I find things like this very difficult to imagine until they happen but hopefully a suitable replacement will be found and a new chapter in Manior du Rose history can begin.

Last night I dropped in on Fi after work as I haven't seen her for ages. Alex has grown really big and was surrounded by presents gifted to him by his many admirers for Christmas. Its probably quite a good job I did drop in last night as Fi reminded me we are going to see Richard Thompson and his 100 years of music concert tomorrow night (it was supposed to be my first night back at Violin) so I had to phone Robin & plea to rearrange (I was lucky in escaping the commitment lecture). Violin now clashes horribly with decorating day on Sat but I suppose it will keep me out of trouble. I'm really looking forward to seeing RT tomorrow (can't believe it that soon, this is the best kind of surprise) and today tickets have also gone on sale for Jon Boden (of Bellowhead fame) and his new band the remnant kings. They are playing the Jericho Tavern as an Oxford Folk festival pre event. Exciting times ahead!

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