Monday, 1 September 2008


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Oh I'm so excited I can now post photos! Technology comes to Mason du Rose, fantastic! Right reports on the weekend. In the end I didn't go to either Megs BBQ or the bunkfest as I was too tied up with the dogs. The older Alsatian decided to go for a dip in the stream which in itself was fine (Saturday was a scorching day) but when the time came for us to go she wasn't for getting out. This presented us with a slight problem as I still had Holly to walk. So I took Holly back to the house hoping Kelly would follow (she didn't), donned wellies and grabbed a big lead and headed back to the stream where Kelly was waiting just as I had left her. I waded in to the water and eventually succeeded in dragging her out, as a thank you she shook herself all over me and so I headed home for my second shower of the morning. Nice!

Yesterday was spent catching up on some knitting I had neglected (as well as some serious violin practice). I also checked all of my stash over thoroughly as on Saturday night the biggest Moth I have ever seen got into our house (it was white and had a very ethereal air about it). My immediate thought was I MUST PROTECT THE WOOL. Which in due course I did by locking the thing out of my room. However what is now more worrying is that it seems to have disappeared, which is frankly terrifying, it could be anywhere! (Although most of the stash is safely stashed in bags, some of it especially my spinning, is loose).

The other nice thing about the weekend was that I engaged in my first ever bout of chicken cuddling. Trish has never handled her bantams and the chicken book I was reading advised that they should be handled before they reach maturity (which for the bantams, I think, was possibly a while ago). So on Saturday night when they were all calm and sleepy I picked Phillip (the cockerel) up. I had my old horseriding fleece on which he seemed to quite take to. After my experience with the previous cockerel I thought he would be quite keen to peck me but he was quite content to let me hold and stroke him and not that keen at all to go back in the run. Since this first experience I have picked the two girls up as well (Phillipa & Teddy) and I have to say that Teddy is definitely my favourite as she will reply to whatever you say to her in a series of low clucks and the like, it is most endearing (yes I too find it worrying I am now talking to the chickens, but she is very sweet). So I shall leave you with the following thought for the day, you haven’t lived till you've cuddled a chicken :-)


Rima Staines said...

Hi Vikki, thanks for visiting me, what an interesting place you have here... I may well try that honey and lemon!
take care

Yoli said...

Vikki, I came via Rima and I love your place. I think I am going to make myself at home until you get back to the castle. Then I will leave for I am too lowly to live in one.


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