Friday, 29 August 2008

And now for something completely different

Holly in snow
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Right its fingers crossed this will work (how I wish I had my friend Jim, fantastic guy and technical genius, here to sort this out) Hopefully what you are now seeing is a picture of beautiful dog Holly (as referred to in many previous posts) stood in the snow last winter (she looks very cute in this photo). If this is indeed what you are seeing then this blog could become a lot more intresting over the next couple of months (I'm thinking giant pumpkins, I'm thinking photos of parties, other peoples children etc).

Tonights main dilemmas are as follows, tomorrow do I go to the bunkest and take Holly or do I risk letting her destroy the house and go to Megan's BBQ? Sam is coming over tonight to do some serious David Tennant/Dr Who drooling whilst consuming lots of wotsits and catching up on her share of dog hugging. T'will be brilliant to see her, I'm also hoping she's caught the knitting bug off Nicola (update: Jacob's hat being finished I have started on the cardigan, and have almost nearly finished the second monster scarf as well, RESULT!)

The sunday I've got to catch up with the bees (having been quite neglectful of late) and definitely attempt some weeding. I'm also fed up of only having one wall of my room finished so will try & get a bit more of that done. The other major thing I simply must do is try and get hold of some of the new Strawberry & cream fondant fancies. I have noticed with some relish that quite a high percentage of my arty friends seem to share my compulsion towards these sticky treats, i there something in the colouring that affects the creative part of your brain? I think possibly not, but its an interesting theory.

Next weekend is the I knit london thing (which alas I can no longer go to) but I will be attempt to pack in some quality Vikki, Kip and Hugh time (mental note to self must find battery thing so can take photo and upload onto here). Right am going to do a bit more workee & then it home time for me, un bon weekend everyone :-)

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