Friday, 11 July 2008

This weekend - Bees

For a while now I have been contemplating the idea of keeping bees, both because their numbers are dwindling and also so I can have my very own supply of honey/Beeswax. Up to this point my experience of bees has been a bit limited, so a couple of weeks ago I bit the bullet and am now a fully paid up member of the Newbury and Vale & Downland Beekeepers’ Association. I have also taken out a subscription to their highly excellent magazine Beecraft which has given me quite a few evening of reading this week. The thing I think is going to be the real problem with getting the bees is how much there is to learn. Its quite probable that I won't be able to get my own swarm/hive until next spring as at the moment is the wrong time of year too be starting. This in itself is fine as it give me more time to go to the clubs meetings, read everything I can lay my hands on and get some general experience with actual, physical bees. And that is what this weekend is about. I'm off to see hives owned by two of the more experienced members of our group (I have also been promised tea if I provide cake, which seemed like a fair deal). Hopefully it will be a great chance to see how the hive works and get used to being near that many bees. I will report back on Monday (no Internet access at the weekend) on how it goes. Wish me luck!

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