Monday 10 September 2012


(Image taken from here design copyright Robert Oddy)
Mum and dad wanted to get me something for my birthday. I'm trying to get rid of stuff at the moment, to send anything I don't need or regularly use to our fantastic Oxfam charity shop (as William Morris so rightly said "Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful", quite!). I've wanted to try stained glass for ages and have recently been spurred on by the beautiful glasswork over at Orts and Fragments so when I found a course at Arlington School of arts & crafts (a 2 day course at that, meaning two days out of work in the week making lovely things) I asked mum and dad if they would mind contributing to that. Happily they said yes and I'm on the course! Now comes the really hard task, I have to do a couple of designs before I go. I know I definitely want to do some kind of bird (probably not a chicken as our house has lots of chickeny bits in it already). My first thought was owl so I did a bit of research on windows that exist already & here is what I found.
Barn Owl image taken from here, design copyright by Sandra Phipps
sadly I don't know who this one is by but I found it on this owl blog
taken from here design copyright Gwen Furey 
This simple snowy from here 
Or perhaps and owl and a pussycat?
from Langan Stained Glass here
My eye always gets drawn back to the complicated ones though. Oh decisions decisions
from here
from here
Probably time to stop looking at what other people have done and start drawing some designs of my own!

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