Friday 17 August 2012


For as long as I can remeber I've been interested/freaked out by masks. Mostly people in masks like the scary street corner people who are usually painted gold or silver or indeed this lot (Dr who geek alert)
 As I've said on a basic level masks frighten me, but they also intrigue me in that you can be whoever you want behind the mask. I bought my mask in venice, the first time I went there with my parents, its classic me, music notation all over it and classic Vikki purple. It hangs on the wall to remind me to be myself without the mask as much as possible.
 The first time we went to Venice we found an amazing mask shop down a side street by the canal. I found the most beautiful leaf mask but it was from an artisan mask shop, I couldn't afford it (luckily we found my first mask on a street trader stall & mum & dad bought it me for my birthday. When we went back to Venice I had time to save up and so I finally got to take my leaf mask home (and just in case you are in the area this is where my mask came from).

I had my first stab at creating a custom mask a couple of years ago when my friends Alice & T held a halloween party and we were all instructed to dress as woodland animals. My brother had recently given me a load of phesant feathers and so I made this:

 Which looks like this on

Now I've started work on a second, which I've nicknames my ice queen mask.
 I'm not sure the blue is quite right yet & I think I need to find a blue stone for her forehead (and maybe pain a tear running down her cheek, but we'll see.

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