Wednesday 8 August 2012

In a continental mood

Whether its the effect of the lovely weather we have been enjoying this week, or the fact that work are just about to publish a recipe book to which I contributed a Spanish recipe (if your interested its an adaption of the Rosc√≥n de Reyes/three kings cake which I tasted a few years ago at the celebration of the three kings (celebrated just after Christmas). I was also lucky enough to find the 'king' hidden within my bit of cake while my dad alas ended up with the broad bean) my thoughts have returned to Spain. I spent quite a few family holidays in Spain when I was growing up and have I guess a basic grasp of Spanish. I've always liked the traditions and family values put at the heart of Spanish living and enjoyed the fiestas and the fine horsemanship that accompanies most celebrations. I was reminded of Spain recently when listening to a band called Beirut (I realize this isn't it Spain, but bear with me). Their lead singer apparently traveled extensively after dropping out of University. I stumbled across their track Elephant Gun while looking for something completely different on YouTube the other night. I feel like I have to share is as not only is it brilliant, but the trumpet on it especially reminds me of Spain. The other thing it reminded me of slightly was the fantastic (if a little odd) film Bunny and the  Bull (with the soundtrack written by the Ralph band/the multi-tallented Olly Ralph (the one in the stripes)).

The main Plot is of two friends who get lucky on the horses. Bunny (the extravagant one of the two) tells Edward (who I suppose is kind of an anti hero in that he is introverted and not your typical hero) he can pick anywhere to go to. An extensive tour of the museums of Europe follows until they meet a girl. To find out the rest I'm afraid you'll just have to beg/borrow/steal the film. But I will tell you this, they end up in Spain, it is a fantastic film and the weirdness/falling apart/slightly manic undertones echo brilliantly I think the underlying sentiments in Elephant Gun. Ahh Spain I must revisit you soon... 

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