Wednesday 6 June 2012

Keep calm and ceilidh on!

So this weekend (as well as having an extra 2 days off to celebrate the Queens Jubilee) we played our long awaited ceilidh in Pyrton in Oxfordshire. Chis came up with a brilliant alternative Ceilidh name, aswe are usually writing's on the wall for out ceilidh activities we became dancing on the ceiling (I feel Lionel Richie would approve). Emily came to pick me up at 5.30 and by that time rain was heavily falling from the sky. We were  originally supposed to be playing in a tent in the manor house gardens but that plan was quickly shelved when yet more rain arrived. Instead we found ourselves in the comfortable surroundings of Pyrton village hall with this lot
Granted we had a lot of children (and naturally even though I had a microphone & was shouting I still couldn't be heard). Fortunately other members of the band were on hand to help me whip our recruits into shape (Sreeves on the right hand side ably assisting) and finally we arrived at this

It may not look like it but they are in lines which was exactly what I needed. I won't say the ceilidh went completely smoothly because no ceilidh ever goes step perfect, that is kind of the point. But we had a great time and I think the good people of Pyrton did too. I'm ashamed to say I was too busy calling to get any shots of the band (a double shame as we were all dressed in red, white & blue) but I will ask around to see if anyone else has any, in the meantime here are the rest of the band hard at practice
Sreeves & Emily tune up
Emily & her harmonics
Often imitated but never bettered Sreeves

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