Saturday 30 June 2012

Emmaline's blanket

I have FINALLY finished the blanket that I started ages ago for my friend John's little girl Emmaline. You may remeber when I started it I was giving the wave pattern a try. Well some waves seemed to be working while others not so much & what I ended up with seemed to want to be a doily rather than a blanket, so i ripped it back and went for good old fashioned (& reliable) doubles instead.
There were however a few hold ups that included me taking the blanket on holiday to Korea and loosing one of the balls of blue wool (so alas even though I was crocheting like the wind, I couldn't do anymore till I was back and had made a stop off at the wool shop). When it was finally done I had to delay postage because we had to have a Canadian phone number for John (apparently the nice men who man the boarders are very fussy about what they let in). Anyway it should now be well & truly on its way ready to keep a little girl very warm this coming Canadian winter.

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