Sunday 1 April 2012

Lunch at Hogwarts

As part of the literature festival Hogwarts (or as it is in real life Christchurch College) threw open its doors for families to enjoy its glorious surroundings.
As I am Harry Potter mad I couldn't pass up this opportunity so gathered up some family, (mine are ginned up enjoying the good life in Torquay (which seemed a bit far to come for lunch)) so I gathered James Dad and Stepmum instead.
James stepmum, the wonderful Kate, she paints and is doing an Open University degree in English at the moment (fantastic woman). 
Dinner was a choice of roast (I opted for the pork) served among the fantastic surroundings of the real Hogwarts. Dessert was rhubarb crumble and Custard. Here are Jam & I (Jam sulking slightly as I insisted in going in 'witches uniform' & sadly I was the only one). People of Oxfordshire we expect a better turn out next year, we are known for being eccentric you know! 

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