Tuesday 13 March 2012

Sophie's Birthday cakes

This year my work team gained a new member, I was more involved that usual interviewing and training our new recuit. But fantastically she is awesome and a keen baker. So for her birthday I decided to bake for her.
 I went for death by chocolate (pictured being held by the birthday girl). Sophie had also had a bake (she is experimenting with different flavourings/colours as we have an inter-work cake tournament happening in a couple of weeks. She came up with several varients on the Blackberry, Pomegranite & Raspberry theme and cupcakes was the name of the game.
They were delicious and they looked so awesome (the blackberry definitely added to the colour as well as the flavour and some red dye added some wow factor as well. (here I one cut open how lush is that?)
Good work Sophie, Happy Birthday to you!

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