Wednesday 29 February 2012

What to wear to the wedding?

Jam's best friend is called Ben. They've been best friends for some years having gone travelling together when they were footlose and fancy free. This year however Ben gets married to his girlfriend Gywan who is Korean. So guess where they are getting married? Yup Korea, and the best bit is that we are going! The flights are booked but there are two things I'm having problems with 1. sorting out accomodation and 2. finding a dress. The accomodation problem I think is nearly solved. First of all we got the area wrong (too far south so we had to go back into Seoul to get anywhere). The second was what kind of accomodation we wanted. In Korea the hotels are really expensive and the hostels full of what i would ter 'proper' harded travellers. As I am not a hardened traveller (and this is our first break away together) I wanted to stay somewhere a bit luxurious. It seems the answer to our accomodation problems lies in a sector of the hotel sector known as 'love hostels'. Korean families tend to stay living together till the children are quite old so these places are where the kids take their boyfriends/girlfriends and have all sorts of things like jacuzzi's in the room and heart shaped mattresses (cute or tacky you decide). To me that sounds like a crazy adventure!. The second issue is gonna take a bit longer to resolve. I've decided I want a butterfly dress. They are exotic and colourful and lets face it very beautiful. Inspired by the late (and great) Alexander McQueen who designed this beauty.

with of course matching shoes

 This would be fairly ideal (designed by Luly Yang) however it seems to be in a museum, so poss not an option...

 On the more realistic side of things I found this
Perfect I thought, nice shape & pretty. Then two things happened. I looked at the close up of the print and suddenly didn't like it so much. Nice from far away but for me its all in the detail.
and I saw this
Its made by Ted Baker and new it cost £200! I thought no way at about this point but then two things became clear. Firstly here is a close up of the print, I burn, I yearn, I pine...
Second you actually can't buy it anymore, so I guess I should try and get one second hand for less than the £200 I wouldn't have paid. Just under 70 days / 2 months to sort this one!

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