Sunday 1 January 2012

New Year 2012

With Bellowhead uncharacteristicaly not at the Royal Festival Hall we thought we would spend our New Year in Oxfordshire, celbrating with our usual shuffle out onto the grass with the neighbours for sparkly wine and rockets at midnight. These carefully laid plans were however shattered when Jam got invited to his friend Sam's party in Newbury (Sam & Jam went travelling together after college to worldly places lik Japan, this however is Sam in his natural habitat).

We arranged a chicken sitter and soon were having sock off's with the best of them.
(that's me on the right in the stars), as well as inpromptu sock showings we played trivial persuit (and lost) and ate and drank many nice things as well as me getting the chance to get to know some of Jam's friends a bit better. (This is Sam & his girlfriend Beccy counting down the moments)
After all that fun there was nothing for it but to go home and sleep for quite a long time. Happy New Year to all the readers of this little corner of the internet, I hope this year makes all your dreams come true. 

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