Sunday 1 May 2011

May Day comes again

Most excellently this year May Day was on a Sunday, so Jam and I got up really early and drove into Oxford (after last years shennanigans with my bike getting a puncture and me getting stuck in the rain half way home in full Morris kit, I think this driving plan may well be the way forward. Jam is not a native Oxfordian (hailing as he does from Newbury via Wales) so was not aware of the many awesome local traditions we have. Once we had listened to the choir sing the traditional Magdalane hymn we headed for local pub the chequers (famed for it's terrible fake heraldry, but awesome cooked breakfasts) waiting there for us with cup of tea in hand was my partner in musical crime Chris Sreeves. The good Sreeves had saved us a table so we sat down to refresh and revive ourselves before heading out once more into the fray. Once more the hurly burly band (featuring the right hon Andy Letcher amongst others) were on the steps of the sheldonian, the jack of the green was wondering about, and for the first time Cry Havoc (my morris side) were to be seen in town having landed a paying gig at the botanical gardens. By about 10am the lack of sleep was beginning to become apprent so we headed home for sleep. Another great may day had by all!

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