Wednesday 26 January 2011

Burns baby burn

This year I have to admit Burns night (or an excuse to pine for Scotland whilst drinking copious amounts of Whisky and listening to the staggeringly awful 'Pride of Scotland' (a double cd cause one disk just wasn't enough...)) crept up on me slightly. It was only last weekend that I realised it was on Tuesday and I hadn't yet made any plans. Last year we went all out with haggis, neeps & tatties, flags you name it. Sadly most of the haggis was left untouched so this year I decided to ditch the dinner element and try a different type of celebration. I was feeling literal at the weekend (and had just done a big prune of the trees in our garden) so I decided a bonfire (with hot toddies to warm those watching it) was in order. Proving that the best events are all down to the planning most of my friends already had plans (oops) but those that didn't (Lea and Rich) came round armed with beer, and our lovely neighbour Malc came to help me start the fire (I was a bit worried as it had been raining on and off all day). As the pics show we got it going okay in the end (by using most of the junk mail from the last month as firelighters) and had our own little scottish inferno. After the fire had gone out we headed back inside for some more warming whisky and tea and cake. I've still got quite a few tree clippings left so we might have another bonfire this weekend if I can find a few spare hours between practices.

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