Monday 1 November 2010

Halloween with T and Alice

This year for halloween I got invited to my friends Alice & T's halloween party with a difference. Instead of the usual slightly lame fake gore they had picked the theme of woodland animals, the invitations were issued by Alice who as well as being a sucessful publishing type (working for one of our competitors no less :-) is a fantastic graphic designer (all the pictures on the walls of their house attest to this and should you need more proof Alice is responsible for the design of the Oxford Folk Festival). I spent quite a while working out what I could go as until a friend of ours got given a brace of phesants. Bagging myself a fair share of feathers I though girl phesant was clearly the way to go. Here is me in my costume, but I think you'll agree I was very much outdone by the other guests (especially Alice and her twin sister Mary whose handcrafted masks were nothing short of amazing... ). Here's what went down, extra attention must be paid to the themed food which was AMAZING!

The finished outfit, I should point out the masking tape was holding on more feathers until T''s dog despatched those for me :-)
T and Alice, our hostesses with the most 

 Frog man, I have no idea who this man is but hey I liked the hat...
 the general malay
 Janey in her owl costume
 I'm not sure this chap got the invitation, or I'm looking in the wrong woodland...
 Themed food
 Hare and badger
Alice proves she has seen Donnie Darko...

Sisters, sisters there never were two such devoted sisters etc etc

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