Saturday 11 September 2010

Lisa wedding

So after many hour of sewing (and I mean many) I give you the beautiful bride

 Lisa is so beautiful I could have sent her down the aisle in a binbag but I think I managed to go one better than that. I would have loved to have done the bridesmaids dresses as well but practicalilties (like me being in full time employment) meant that wasn't an option. The dresses that Lisa chose were really lovely .
 And so all dressed and ready we headed down the aisle
 Dearly beloved...
 Mr & Mrs
 The dress in all its glory
 This is Lisa's mum, she was close to tears all day, lovely lady
 back of the dress all in order
The creative wedding team, I made the wedding dress and called the ceilidh and Mel took these amazing photos :-)

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