Monday 14 December 2009

Morris Christmas party

So the above was what I got up to last Wednesday. It was our morris Christmas party & everyone had to take an activity/game/something that everyone could join in with. We started off with a good old fashioned pass the parcel, followed by a very random quiz (my team definitely tried but came last, never mind). Then we had pin the something on rudolf and they bashed my pinata morris man (dressed in replica kit, it took me three days to make and I got up at 5.30 the day of the party to finish the painting job, major kudos must go to Dave who held it while I painted both sides with the skin colour when I realised I didn't have enough paint to mix more...). After the pinata we all had something to eat and then we picked out a script from the pile to determine our parts for Snow White. I got cast as prince charming (first time for everything) possibly would have more appropriate if I had swapped with Lumbawakk's very own charming prince Jamie who was cast as the fair Damsel, but it was really good fun. The extra challange (& the one I only remebered on the morning of the party) was the fancy dress. As you can see I went as witchcat. Job done.
The rest of the week was also pretty hectic, I had half of Friday off to sit my violin exam. It doesn't really seem to matter how many exams I sit I usually end up shaking like a leaf. This one was no exception but despite this it seemed to go okay. The sight reading wasn't as bad as I feared (but I'm now wondering if I actually had it right at all, you know that feeling when you walk out feeling really confident & then discover you've done really badly?). My sight singing seemed to go well, the quite posh late fourties examiner telling me "you have a lovely voice" & enquiring whether I sing. I replied with something like not if I can help it & he berated me saying, "well you should, you have a lovely voice". Hopefully this bodes well for a high score but we'll see, should get the results before Christmas. No matter what Robin is on the ABRSM's case! (side note Mabel actually hates Benji the violin the only way I could get her to stand next to him for my cat and fiddle shots was Whiskers kit bits, ahh the magic of photography...)

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