Wednesday 18 November 2009

So many things so little time

This will probably only be a short post, but there is so much going on I thought I'd better pause & reflect before I do myself an injury. This week has been busy! I'm slowly upping my word count on the nano writing but major revisions need to be made to the starting plot if I'm to progress with the story in any resonable fashion. This is planned for the weekend (I get paid on Friday so should be able to afford cheese, crackers and wine to get me through some serious novel tackalage). I now actually have the will to finish it, which was badly waining at the start of this week. This was greatly helped by Andrea over at very useful and lovely blog A cat of imposible colour who reflected that sometimes you just need a break to step away, get a bit inspired again and then go back. Thank you Andrea much appreciated, I am ready to tackle the beast once again!

My cureall (not just for the novel but a horrid spiky sore throat) seems to have been the combined talents of Mawkin:Causley, who I saw at the Nettlebed folk club on Monday (the large amounts of tangerines may have helped as well but I want to believe it was the healing power of folk). The band were great, if you have not yet heard them and like to hear traditional songs with a hint of fun I'd def recommend them (I am slightly in love/awe with one of their number, but even if this was not the case they are very talented!) . Sticking with the music theme tonight it's violin. I have now got a date for my exam (11th Dec) which looms ever closer. Robin is def feeling the strain and is being quite harsh at the moment under the pretext that 'it's for my own good'. If I survive the lesson I will be spending the rest of this evening working on my dress for the work Christmas ball. I found the pattern ages ago but had quite a job finding material that was the right colour and drape (the pattern asks for velvet or stretch knit?!? For an evening dress? I think not) so I've replaced it with some dark blue satin. I guess the acid test to whether this will work will come when I start cutting, everything crossed till that and the first couple of long seams are done.

Next years diary is filling up fast and it's only November, my 'new' morris side Lumbawakk (don't worry I haven't abandoned Havoc, just gained another side as well, although it's border and rapper, rather than cotswold) have been invited to Sidmouth which I'm ashamed to admit I've never been too (I know slapped wrists, call yourself a folkie etc etc). & we have to book the campsite now for August! I made the point that I didn't know what I would be doing in August and our squire said "Well now you do, Sidmouth". That's on way of looking at it I suppose :-).

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