Friday 23 October 2009

Freezing up

So yesterday we hit the Freeze festival in London for Lindsay's birthday. Kitty drove the car in to her aunts and then we caught the tube to battersea power station. It was pretty clear where the festival was being held, loads of surfy/ski types were spilling out of the pubs nearby and you could see the main jump from quite a distance (it's build so the kicker-thing you jump off - positions you right in the middle of the power stations chimneys, it truely is a spectacular setting. Lindsay is a pro skier and has taught in Geneva where she grew up so we thought this would be the perfect birthday present for her. Most of the skiing stuff was taking place as we arrived, there were two conests the jumping and also freestyle using various poles/jumps etc set up at the bottom of the main jump. It was pretty absorbing hence why there are no photos of that bit, but I did manage to get my camera out for the ski guys flattening out the snow ready for the snowboarders :-). The snowboarding session was one of the stages in the x games contest & the highest scorers went down to the heat to see who would get the most points going forward. Some of the jumps were epic and you almot forgot how high the jump was. After the snowboarding had finished we enjoyed a couple of desperadoes each (it's beer with Tequila, sounds horrible but is really nice) and grabbed some food before the evenings bands (Calvin Harris and the eagles of death metal) started before finally making our way home. What a great day!

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