Wednesday 10 June 2009

Short summer holiday

So the weekend just gone Sam and I headed to the coast. The coast in Devon that is, sea is pretty much the only thing that Oxford is missing so we went to see it (see/sea what I did there?). We drove down straight after work on the Thursday night, which was a bit of a rush at the time but let us have nearly 4 days of holiday for 2 dats annual leave. Wooo! The drive down was further enhanced by the stretched daylight of the summer months, an awesome 'we are on holiday' CD that Sam had created and the fact that we passed Stonehenge!
Sam did actually ask me what made a henge a henge before we went, I think she lived to regret it, so we won't get into that....

First priority on Friday morning (after a resonable lie in of course) was the local beach. This was unfortunately the only day of sun but it was just enough & it didn't take us long to kick off our shoes & infiltrate the waves.

We walked down to the beach (there is a zigzag path that fortunately gently decends the cliff) and did plan to walk back up the assent, but as Babbacombe has a most awesome cliff railway it seemed churlish not to use it...

After our morning on the beach we went to grab an ice cream (alas no photo's, too busy with hefty scoopful of strawberry, containing REAL strawberries). In the afternoon we headed to one of my favourite places Totnes. I think the reaon I like it so much is that the arts scene is so vibrant there. We had tea at Grey's which is a wonderful old fashioned tea room at the top of Totnes hill.
This was a special treat for me as I've walked past it so many times with my parents but it has always full. It being a Friday though they had room. After we had spent a good few hours (and pounds, we found the most amazing vintage shop there too) we went to Berry Pomroy Castle.
This was Sam's suggestion as she had read it was the most haunted castle in Britain.
I have to say the castle definitely had a spooky air about it with lots of winding passages/dark corners and its fair share of grizzly history. We didn't see any ghost but thanks to the atmospheric ravens I managed to collect a fair few black feathers. Back to the house for an early night ready for another two days of adventures.

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Gretel said...

Oh, red sandstone cliffs...always reminds me of home. There is nothing like a South Devon beach.


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