Thursday 5 February 2009

Let it snow, let it snow

I am one of three people who struggled to work this morning through a Narnia type landscape. Having got here I feel pretty hard done by no other person attempted it and this is valuable knitting time I'm loosing! But I guess we will survive with the tried and tested tea solution (drink lots of tea). This week so far has not been that great, I got struck down with the sore throat/lots of weird green stuff/I can't breathe combo on Monday night which knocked me out completely on Tuesday. Instead of going into work and spreading the joy (very counter productive I couldn't speak, nevermind deal with authors, I rested, finished Jacob's blanket and watched my second ever episode of In the night garden (I'm thinking now I've got one less project to carry on with I might make Alex an in the night garden toy, but I'm waiting to hear from Fi who is his favourite, I'd got for the three small stripy things but then what do I know :-)

Last night Mat one T from work came round for tarts and tea. It was really nice & we chatted about just general stuff till quite late last night. He really liked my house & said it reminded him of something out of Bagpuss, which I'm going to take as a complement. I was trying to run ideas past him for the work magazine but him and Mel got very giggly about our corporate values (they didn't have any booze I don't think, maybe it was earl grey fumes) so we gave up. Yesterday we had a meeting about the work mag (which was one of the reasons I dragged myself in) and the creative issue seems to be coming on really well (just as well as yours truly is guest editing it) but we are still short of a competition, I will have to get my thinking hat on about that, and also what we are going to put on the cover for April? Spring? Something about springing into spring? As you can see it needs work, any suggestions greatly appreciated :-)

After Mat went last night I was having another look at my spinning wheel, I'm pretty sure that its all working as it should (although it might be handy to have spinning wheel adjudicator Fi round at some point to check I'm right). There are now only two things it needs 1/some nice polish, although all the dust has gone its still not in the realms of sleeping beauty yet, so I was thinking something containing beeswax maybe, two birds one stone, nice! 2/slightly more crucial than that I need something to spin on it! I bought some roving from those lovely chaps at I knit London but when it came it wasn't as much as I'd hoped, so I decided to try and drop spin that and seek out a larger amount of roving from one of the nice folk on folksy. I've emailed a couple of people asking if they have anything suitable, so we'll see who gets back to me. How exciting :-). I wonder if we can go home yet? All this talk of spinning is making me yarn anxious...And its properly snowing now. I really don't want to get stuck in this office...

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Anonymous said...

I would put a picture of a slinky spring on the cover but that's just my sense of humour ;) I suggest you start with some undyed roving to start with (then you can just worry about your twist, and not about how the colours are coming out). But we can discuss this over tea!


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