Wednesday 17 December 2008

Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath
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I have had some very good news, some news which if anything seems quite incomprehensable to me, even now, so I just had to share it here. I have been asked by a friend to write an article for a magazine she works for. Not only will this be all my own work and be published in a magazine with a worldwide readership but my name will actually be in print!!! (I think a party might be called for here). This seems somewhat of an early Christmas present. Beth L and I decided to write our 'things to do before 2010' list the other day(its better than resolutions we feel, more realistic). This is what mine looked like (you have to do 5, no more no less)

1/Get published in something other than the work mag/my blog.
2/Set up my own company, properly
3/Find some Aracana's and start keping them.
4/Finish decorating my room and set up a study in the sun room.
5/Play more music with other people/try to play more violin in sessions etc.

So 1 down only 4 to go before the end of 2008 is pretty good going. The article is going to be 600-850 words on my experiences as I beginning spinning my own wool. My wheel is nearly fixed, Liz at leather shop Kelso provided me with a replacement bit of leather (its good to have handy friends, you can commission her ( so now the treadle works properly. Wooo! (I'm going to ask my dad to check that this is all properly aligned the next time he is down, he's very good at alignment and the like but straight lines have always been a problem for me, maybe its the synaesthesia, maybe its just something I'm bad at).

I'm also cracking on with the other resolutions, I found a really handy article in online magazine UK handmade ( about small business and the tax man (you have to register and self assess yourself. I feel the actual tax return may be a good job for my mum, but if I keep detailled records that's sure to help). Also I'm swapping presents with Fi, Nick & Alex soon so and I'm hoping on the same trip I can go and talk serious chicken plans to their neighbour (He said he's help me build their run at Fi's wedding, his wife is an environmenatal science teacher & we got on like a house on fire, plus she showed me a weavel for the first time at the wedding, it had crawled out of the flowers) . Clearly I am way too excited about all of this. I should really email back and say I accept. The deadline is March which seems a really long time as I usually only get 2-3 hrs for in house stuff. I must get this started soon though...

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