Wednesday 6 August 2008

Apologies & summer coming

First of all sorry for not posting yesterday, it is the first day since I've had this blog that I haven't posted anything, the main reason was that I was stupidly busy with meetings but a contributing factor was that I was just a bit down and possibly wouldn't have had anything that cheerful to write. Today however is another day, the sun is out & its really warm outside so hopefully we are back on track.

Yesterday afternoon I had an interview for the two senior jobs on our floor. I decided in the end that I really should go for them mostly for the experience of being interviewed, I don't quite know what I will do if I get offered one but we'll see. Today I've got the much nicer job of phoning the chicken breeder that my hens are coming from to try and arrange a time to go and see their mum's on my birthday. Sadly the red house is out, due to the fact you have to go through London to get to it (and my mum wasn't too keen on doing that), so on my birthday instead we shall be chicken visiting and having lunch in Cirencester at a lovely pub or cafe (I'm aiming to get my camera working for then (I've 'misplaced' a crucial component of the charger, oops)) as I realise this blog at the mo is very short on photos .

On the Rose home front our pumpkin is now huge thanks to all the rain and the redcurrants are ready and glistening with jucyness. The plan is to Jam them tomorrow night after going out to coffee with Nicola (I made the earings the other night but I'm still missing several cards & some rum truffles. I might try & do the jam in time but then I've got to wrap everything). I also have to make sure that I remeber to take clothes, as these aren't on any list, nor in my brain at present.

I forgot to mention in my post at the weekend that Fi gave a short 'this is how you drop spin' demonstation at the BBQ on Saturday. What knitters there were stood in absolute awe. I've had a go but I'm really rubbish at it. I'm really glad I know someone who knows how its done as the instructions told you to do it a completely different way and she dismantled and rebuilt the spindle before we started. I am determined to master this and I might try and have another go tonight. There were three colours of yarn that came in the kit, black, white and a very lovely purple one (I have a bit of a purple obsession), which I won't be spinning till I'm really good.

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