Friday 25 July 2008

The hour approaches....

Nichy will be here this time tomorrow, I cannot wait to see her, it has been scandalously long, in fact possibly dating back to those halcyon days when we had Chaucer and medieval lit lectures together at University. Tonight I think will be spent mostly tidying up for her visit. Last night I tried to sort out the garden by doing some major weeding and mowing both lawns. I also did a bit more on the scarf that I am knitting at the moment. The yarn is really unusual having loops in it (which can be a real pain when you are knitting as these tend to go over the needles) but the finished thing (or what I have of it so far) is really pretty, it reminds me a bit of stained glass. I've already got a big queue of things which need to be cast on next, but for once I'm trying to be methodical with my knitting, so I guess it depends on what is most urgent.

My mum phoned last night to say that her & Kip are coming down for my actual birthday (this is quite nice as I thought I would be on my own, Mel will be at work and Fi & Nick are away in their disco camper van with young Alex). I'm hoping my mum may be up for a smidgen of Chicken collection (I need a name for the 3rd one so far I've got Mildred and Hermione, the third one is a toss up between Isobel & Minerva, I wanted them all to be named after witches from history/literature). The other thing I thought it might be nice to do is visit William Morris' the red house. I have lived in Oxford for three years and I still haven't been there (even though I think William Morris was a god amongst men and the whole house was his creation), so I guess I should look into that.

In the end I gave into my better judgement and invited the nice man from work (no reply yet but I thin his dept have got some deadline looming so I suppose that's okay. I've also just bought a ticket for Towersey festival (Fi & Nick are commuting to and from it this year) so that's where I shall be on the late bank holiday. Towersey was really brilliant last time I went and I'm already getting very excited about Beautiful days. Right better go, I am sure this weekend will be full of lovely things, will write again on Monday.

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