Sunday, 16 September 2012


A mere few weeks after the passing of Bellatrix, we have suffered another loss in the main coop. Aurora, so christened because when she came to us last December where her wings should have been were a series of spines. Aurora had clearly been hen pecked in her former life but when she came to us, she unfurled those neglected spines and it seemed like the sun was rising for her.
 Only earlier this week I noticed she had grown back her plumage 'I must take a photo of her back to health' I thought, but alas no opportunity came before we found her at the back of the coop this morning. Not the brightest chicken (perhaps taking after her Disney namesake in that regard),

Aurora was always last out of the coop, last to realise that treats had been thrown to her and woefully ignorant of any food she could find on low lying bushes or plants, She was however a lovely bird and was and will be sorely missed not just on this morning but on all mornings to come.
(Aurora in the middle). Fly high pretty lady, on those beautiful new feathers.

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