Friday, 3 August 2012

Chicken shots

I took some photos of the girls the other night with the express intention of submitting them into the BHWT's calender comp (you send in your photos of your ex-batts they publish the best ones in a calender to raise more funds, everyone's a winner). I sent mine off 4 days before the deadline but I haven't had an acknowledgement or anything so I assume we haven't been successful. Still they were too nice not to share...
I call this one the strawberry thief, Bellatrix, I swear she spots the strawbs before I do. And a couple of moments later...
Here is Mineva
She is top hen at the moment which may explain the mischievous glint in her eye. Bellatrix again in the setting sun (she poses so well & is always the one who follows me to the back door)
 Golden girl/I'll eat anything Ginny
And finally a couple I didn't send in, I tried to do a bit of gardening while the girls were out the other day. This was what happened

Yup they tried to eat the plants I was re-potting. Never mind :-)

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