Monday, 9 July 2012

Hello to Bea

You may remember my friends Beth and Nick got married the other weekend prior to moving to Dubai. What you may not be aware of is that Beth kept 3 ex-batts (inspired, she says by me and my chicken keeping exploits). Unfortunately one of them died shortly after being declared a free girl. However on the confirmation of the Dubai news the two remaining chooks needed a new home. I was severely tempted the first time Beth mentioned this, but Beth had promised her sister first refusal, so we waited. More news came Beth's sister is pregnant so wouldn't be able to take the chooks, she asked, I cleared it with the Jam and we accepted. Bea and Hattie moved in on the 21st June, Hattie had been a bit ill and had a purple bum to show for it, but we thought she'd be okay once she had adjusted to her new surroundings.
 My fears increased when she didn't seem to be that interested in the girls daily mealworms and sadly we found her dead on Thursday morning. Bea was alone for a couple of weeks while we worked out what to do with her. I thought she might like to be alone, but I think she was lonely & as my own girls had recently lost their sister Trelawney there was space for 1 in the main coop... I did everything that was recommended, let the girls free range round Bea's coup and she around theirs. In the end I let them out together and put them to bed together that night. I has to be said that Bea wasn't that sure at first (and Mineva wasn't being very friendly) but they seem to have sorted out their differences and Bea has found  new BFF in Bellatrix (this is them dust bathing together).
Which now means I have a 'spare' coop. This could be dangerous.... 

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