Saturday 28 April 2012

Beth's wedding

The final wedding was my friends Nick & Beth. I first met Beth in the loos at work crying her eyes out over her missing cat. Although the cat didn't come back (alas) and although there were many more tears (mostly from my side as I was dating some very unsuitable boys at this point) our friendship has lasted over the years. What I really admire about Beth is that she sees what she wants and goes and gets it. 
This can be quite intimidating at points but in Nick she has found a partner for the adventure, and this was to be a double celebration because Nick has just been offered (and has accepted) a job in Dubai. They fly out in August and will be very much missed. Highlights of the wedding (apart from the very fine bunting obviously)
were handwritten embarrassing stories on each table (one per guest, thanks Beth!) the fantastic summer theme (pims on arrival anyone?) and I've got to say it the grooms father who as well as being a thoroughly nice chap, works for the Times writing crosswords, and had written one for the day of  the wedding, with a secret Nick & Beth theme (he is here on the right)
Congratulations Nick & Beth!

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