Saturday, 17 March 2012

Lea's hen do

So tonight we gathered to have the official send off (from single life) to my friend Lea. The wedding isn't until late April but Lea very sensibly decided to have the drinking lots and dancing part a whiole before. The girls went to a burleque dance workshop during the afternoon (sadly I couldn't join them as I already had plans with Jam's family) before heading to sci fi cafe Atomic Pizza in the evening (I've never been in there before but it was awesome, loads of action figures round the walls and a great menu (all the pizzas were named after cartoon characters I was torn between Dangermouse (4 cheese) and Paddington (cheese and onion marmalade) but in the end Paddington won out. I also  got to try my first ever corn dog, it was delicious and as hoped no dogs were involved. A great night!

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