Friday, 5 August 2011

Nuptual bunnies

I can finally post photos of these as my friend Vikki's wedding is over and these were a complete surprise for her. I got approached by Vikki's mum with these two blank bunnies with the challenge to make them into a bride and groom. I chose who was who based on the ears, I thought the one with the ears closest together should be the boy (cause I could put his ears in a top hat) and the other with the ears apart was perfect for the bride. I had loads of material remenants left over from Lisa's wedding dress so used one of those for the bride bunnies dress. The boy bunny was dressed mostly in felt (which was great - so much less hemming). I'd done another small commission for the wedding (adding touches to the shoes for the bridesmaids) so I knew the colours were purple and silver hence the added splashes of colour. Hope she liked them :-)

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