Saturday, 13 August 2011

birthday presents

So today was my birthday and as well as being lucky enough to be taken to the Red House this is what else I received (lovely presents). This scarf was from my mum, you can't see it on the photo but the edges of the cotton are actually raw. I wore it to Red House but I think I'm going to have to be pretty careful with it ot
herwise it might just end up as a pile of cotton...
 The lamp was from my surrogate mum Trisha, fantastic taste as usual.
 he chest of drawers is from Jam's mum, to keep all my bits and pieces in, from his dad and Kate I got the book to accomapany the exhibition that we went to see a couple of weks ago The Cult of Beauty.
 The birdhouses were from my friends Stacey and Maddie/Jonny. I was originally hoping to put them outside, but witchcat is going through a bit of a bird catching phase at the mo, so I bought these little birds to go in them instead and will hang them inside.

Last but by no means least my brother bought me this beautiful fossil box, perfect for keeping treasures in.

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