Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Bohemian Wednesday's

I feel I can type the terrible truth out here, I mean we are amongst friends... For work I am a conservative dresser. There I've said it! I think there are probably a couple of reasons for this, 1. Temperature - I work in a modernish, glass fronted box with air conditioning. You would have though this made it easier right? But no, your brain goes 'sunshine, wear a dress' then when you have got to work in said dress you remeber about the air con and spend the day freezing. 2. Practicality - even though I now don't have to survive the outside elements and the bus (many strange children trying to kill each other) my choice of clothes still has to allow for me to do my quite hands on editing job with the minimal amount of fuss (for comparison here I cite my marketing colleagues who although they work in the same building/floor as me always look polished and would be ready at any moment to hop up onto the catwalk if Kate Moss was having a bad hair day (I think maybe this is helped by the fact they don't lie awake at night worrying about their authors, but this fact has yet to be proved)). 3. Dress code - we have visiting editors to the office quite a bit. The boys have to wear a shirt and tie at all times and no one is allowed to wear jeans. I always try to look smart as being a bit more senior tends to mean you could be dragged into a meeting about anything at any moment but this tends to also mean my clothes are mostly drawn from the black/grey end of the colour spectrum.

SO because work is not that fun at the mo and because our boss is out of the office on Wednesdays I have decided to declare the day Bohemian Wednesday. My rules to myself (and anyone else who wants to join in (ohh go on)) are the following. Wear something that you wouldn't normally wear whilst still being work appropriate, extra points will be awarded for accessories and primary/bright colours. My first outfit is above (one of my other sillier resolutions was to wear more scarves and more of my own jewerly, both done in this outfit so a good start). The bohemian element of this challenge is also reflected in something else that I've been working on but all should be revealed shortly in the meantime it would be awesome if you would join me in raiding your closets and bring a bit of boho to the mid week mix!

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