Sunday 27 December 2009

How do you solve a problem like Mia?

The above photo is what my brother (photo further down the page) wanted to give me for Christmas. She is a one and a bit year old Staffordshire bull terrier cross (we think she may be crossed with a collie but we aren't sure) that my brother and his girlfriend took in before Christmas. She was being abused by her current owners and was really underweight so they gave her a home. Unfortunately they already have two dogs and two cats (and Mia because she hasn't had very much attention in the past) is quite a handful. We went round for Christmas dinner and Mia was overjoyed to see yet more new people and got super excited, I had a dog when I was younger and so was giving her quite a few hugs after dinner when we were watching Dr Who together. Just before we left my brother managed to get me on my own in the hallway. "She's really taken to you you know, would you take her?" My first thought was crumbs, big commitment. so I told him I'd think about it.

So here is the big dilemma do I take Mia or not? She is a really lovely dog, when we were there she learnt how to sit and I get the feeling that if all that energy was used up and she was given things to occupy her like walks and play and plenty of regular attention she would be a really great to have around. Having said that she is not the type of dog I would have necessarily chosen myself and having just got a promotion at work and signed up for several extra evening and weeken courses (in order to qualify to be a music teacher quicker) my hours are stretched as it is without morning and evening walks and the commitment it takes to look after a dog. What if it's fate? Says my heart. What if witchcat hates her? Says my head. It's a really tough one but I think in the end it's just not the right time for me to take on a dog, even one as special as Mia. I've given myself the rest of the afternoon to think about it. I''ll phone them tomorrow.

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