Friday 5 September 2008

Getting ready for Hugh

HFW with chicken
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So the day before I meet His-Fernely-Whittingsall-ness is finally upon us and who would have thought its still raining here in Oxfordshire? My little chicken pals are hating this weather, as is Mabel cat who is refusing to go outside. The flipside of this is she sleeps all day in doors and then is really awake at night! Last night she dived on me while I was asleep using the top of my wardrobe as a launching pad, I wondered what on earth was going on!

Last night was also the first night back at Cry Havoc practice. We had a really good practice although it serves as further proof of how out of shape I have become. I was pretty cream crackered after my favourite dance (its called sidesteps, because that's what your feet do pretty much all the way through) but it does go on for quite a long time, which usually I like. There is a new guy called Paul who has joined and he got the team to do a really complicated dance which I've never seen before, you kind of jump and then fall straight onto one knee, it looked really impressive but quite painful!

Kip is coming down tonight and we head off for the carpet town of Axminster tomorrow morning to arrive at the pub in the afternoon and then off to the festival. From the sounds of it we get a jolly good look round and a chance to meet all of Hugh's staff (as well as the man himself) and taste a lot of the produce. I think I will purchasing the preserves handbook and hopefully getting it signed as well. I feel I should take something to give to Hugh but I can't think of anything he hasn't got! It is a dilemma indeed.

Finally big congratulations to my housemate (and under garderner ;-)
Mel, who got engaged to her long term boyfriend Chris on Wednesday. Rumour has it that a spring wedding will be in order so many congratulations to both.

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