Wednesday, 20 August 2008

funny ol' world

Sometimes the strangest things happen almost without any warning. I got back into the office today after my weekend away and several things had happened almost without any warning at all. The first thing is I am definitely ill. After feeling slightly ropey (and taking a day off work yesterday) I returned today feeling even worse. The second is that witchcat seems to have somehow made herself ill. When I got back on Monday she had her eye partially closed & was limping. The limp we later found out was just for effect (the vet checked both legs and nothing, not even a scratch on either of them) what we thought was a wound above her eye was (they think) was a reaction to grasses. When asked which grasses, they didn't know (fifty quid for a consultation and they didn't even really know what was wrong, grrrrr). So for the next 10 days Mabel will be bathed noon & night with some strange liquid and pink tablets will be proffered to her (mostly inset in cheese as she hasn't worked this out yet...). The third (and possibly most radical of all things) was that this morning I heard he who shalt not reply to emails speaking openly about the fact he had been ATTENDING A FOLK FESTIVAL this weekend. This I hope heralds a new dawn of him finding me intensely intriguing in a raggle taggle gypsy, oh how wonderful you are type way (bear with me on this one okay?).

Tonight I am going to do all the things that I have been putting off for ages. So I will sew in all the ends on my finished scarves, I will attempt to do more on the blanket of doom/finish the hats for Michelle's baby who was born on Friday, congratulations to her & Jez), I will tidy my room and finally I will clean out the BBQ that we had nearly three weeks ago and rid it of grime & muck. Its sounds like a lot doesn't it? But because of the feeling mincy I'm not going to violin so I have a bit more time (I got two more birthday cards today, a bee playing the violin and a bee knitting, how well my friends know me) and I will report on my progress tomorrow which will be the last day in the office before Towersey. Oh I forgot to mention, a bit of late news, didn't get either of the two senior jobs (am actually quite relieved) so I'm staying in this department :-)

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