Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Duty calls

Morning! I was summoned over to Trish & Malcs last night as they have an assignment for me, I will be looking after the chickens & cat for 2 weeks and sleeping over with the dogs for 2 nights when they go back to France (on Thursday). In exchange for this they are bringing me back citrus trees to add to the garden/work room when my Olive is currently living. I find this a very exciting prospect as my gardening has been somewhat neglected of late with all the crafty stuff I've been up to. I finished the necklace for my mum last night, finished Jacob's hat (he's still in intensive care but doing well, awww) but have decided it does really need a bobble, so will try & do that tonight. I've started my purple version of the scarf I finished the other night (its really nice, I will try to post a picture when its done but I haven't worked out how to put pictures on posts yet, I have however added a photo of me knitting, which is progress). I've also been making quite a few cards with pressed flowers (mostly my own orchids) on them and I'm hoping I can sell these in packs once I've got enough.

Suzi lent me a fantastic softies book yesterday with all sorts of toys and pincushions & stuff in it. There is a brilliant soft tree which I thought I might attempt and the pin cushion cupcakes gave me the idea to try fondant fancy pin cushions (I'm still trying to work out the details on this one, but fondant fancies have always been a bit fascinating for me, we never got them at home but they appeared magically on a silver tray at Nannas). Suzi is at this moment waiting for news of whether she has been able to buy a house near us, I've got everything crossed as this can only be a good thing. Ryan has also lent me a cd of Scottish poems set to music by Scottish bands (Idlewild are obviously on there) so I can't wait to get home & put this one (although this does mean removing the Mawkin:Causely album 'Cold Ruin' that has been stuck to my Cd player since I acquired it at the weekend).

Finally I had a rather swift cup of tea with my old friend David. We actually started out talking about lawnmowers (he needs to buy one and I urged him towards a model with a grass box, he will one day thank me for this foresight). But we ended up just talking about general stuff. There does seem to be a definite move by people away from our office at the moment towards stuff they have always wanted to do, I'm trying to get enough stuff together to have a stall at our next local craft fair & maybe even approach our local 'local' shop about selling some of it (when we were in Stroud there was a fantastic one of these called 'made in Stroud' if any of you live near I would urge you to go and for those of you that don't here's the website but for your own sake do leave all major credit cards at home :-) Right back to work.

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