Tuesday, 29 July 2008

strange weather we are having....

It is indeed very strange. Last night there was a thunderstorm of almost tropical proportions (and just after I might add we had watered and fed the garden (thus proving you can never win them all)). The plants are coming along quite well, Mel has harvested her magnificent marrow (and it is now temporarily residing in our fridge, as the poor plant could no longer cope). The pumpkins are also coming along at a good pace, although we are trying to get some hay to put under them at the moment to make sure they are protected from the ground and can grow as big as possible (I have my heart set on quite a large pumpkin for Halloween this year, what fun). The weather forcast today according to the BBC is rampant rain, which sounds interesting to say the least, but at the moment its blue skies across most of Oxfordshire so we will see.

Preparations are going full steam ahead for the weekends BBQ, about half my prospective guests have answered and for the rest (including a certain someone who shall remain nameless) I will send a chaser email out at the end of the week (further news on that front I managed to form actual coherent sentences in the tea making room with him yesterday, and found out that he has lived here in my beloved Oxfordshire for most of his life, for me just the talking bit is progress indeed, I usually just turn to jelly). Further birthday preparations (such as compiling a list of things I would like (mostly bee tools and plants at the moment) and searching out local chicken breeders are also in progress.

Went to see Fi and baby Alex last night as Fi's parents were visiting at the weekend so I didn't get to see them, they are both well although Fi especially seemed to be feeling the heat. It is now only a short time till their wedding which means I have to get a serious shuffle on with their present (which alas I can't got into here as Fi sometimes reads this very blog, but I should be able to put a picture on after the happy event) and also make ready my wedding outfit, what fun!

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