Thursday, 24 July 2008

Is this a good idea?

My my I am tired, returned from London at about 7 last night and walked home from Radley station. The presentation went well, I think.We were told we were the most innovative out of all of them, which I suppose can only be a good thing. The presentation itself was held at the Natural History Museum in London where Eileen my editor works. The room we were presenting in was really nice and had plant leaves in frames in the walls and fossils in heavy black cabinets round the outside. I didn't have much time to appreciate my surrounding however as the board fired one or two quite tricky production questions at me. I think we did okay though. The Building itself was also really lovely being made up of two different colours of bricks, red and black and having staircases like the ones that move in Harry Potter. After the presentation we went round the dinosaur exhibit, they had loads of skeletons there but the highlight was undoutably a teenage anatromic T-REX (VERY COOL). Which Adam and I spent the rest of the day impersonating, rggeeeeggghhhhh etc etc. I bought a sand filled T-Rex for my desk at work to remind me of what was a great day.

Last night when I got back watered the garden (fig tree still not looking that happy), checked out that the pumpkins were okay (they are steadily making their way over to the french beans and may have to be restrained) and tried (and failed) to tie up the cucumbers (I may have another go tonight depending on whether we go and see the 2nd Narnia film). The other thing I have definitely got to do tonight is buy a BBQ, it is my birthday in a couple of weeks time and for the first time in many years I will be at home and not in a field at a folk festival, so we decided to have a BBQ the weekend before (as the weekend of it I will be visiting my cousin who has come over from Istanbul). This BBQ however throws up a potential problem, there is it must be noted a very nice boy on my new floor at work, I have tried ignoring this fact as boys at work have lead to trouble and strife before, but alas it cannot be done and last night I dreamt about him, meaning that he has somehow done a deal with my unconscious without me realising it, bugger. I don't know him that well but he knows most of my group of friends and invited me out to his birthday drinks (crushingly I couldn't go). Do I invite him round and let him see the Rose self sufficiency effort? (bearing in mind that he saw me teaching crotchet in my lunch hour and pulled a face) OR do I maintain the distance, not invite him and try & be cool and aloof? (this usually doesn't work out that well as I have a tendancy to blush) I mean how bad would it be if I invited him & he didn't want to come? Oh the decisions the decisions!

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