Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Fruit from the garden

Last night I had a proper attack on the garden (still didn't mow the lawn but I was convinced it was going to rain, even though next doors gardener had assured me the weather would hold). I tasted the first one of the raspberry's from the cane that my mum bought me earlier this year and harvested some more french beans for the freezer. I saw our neighbours from over the back fence and they told me to help myself to whatever I could reach of their redcurrants which are currantly hanging in great big bunches over our fence (next weekend I feel some redcurrant jelly coming on :-)

Yesterday after the excitement of bees at the weekend I decided to investigate a little further the chicken idea. I had looked into possible housing last week, the very trendy eglu's that most people seem to have are £400 for the small one!!!!! Even worse is the one I fancied (its purple and shaped like a cube) currently retails at £600, and that's without the chickens!!!!!! Definitely not for those of us on a frugal budget, so I guess I'm looking at more traditional chicken housing. With regard to chicken breeds I quite fancied some breed of bantam as I've heard that they are very prolific layers, they are a bit smaller than the usual chicken and 90% of their egg is yolk. However on researching the different breeds I found a white one that lays blue eggs. These are called Araucana's and depending on how pure the bloodlines are depends on how blue the eggs are. As one website informed me 'their eggs can range anything from a light bluish green to a dark grey depending on the purity of the stock'. These my friends are posh chickens. I'm off to do a bit more research today (and also off to check out a second hand eglu message board that I received a tip off about) will report my findings tomorrow.

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